Reddish Community Hub Survey

Reddish Buildings Preservation Trust held an exhibition of its “Vision” during December 2012 to February 2013 in Reddish Library. The plans to regenerate Reddish Library, Community Rooms and Swimming Baths to create Reddish Community Hub were on display and visitors were asked to complete a survey. The results of the survey showed 98% support for the plans with swimming, an improved library and a cafe rated as the most important functions that were requested to be included in Reddish Community Hub.  The complete survey results are as follows:


Survey from Reddish Library December 2012 – February 2013
Survey response %
1 Would you be supportive of a Reddish Community Hub 98%
2 Are there any particular functions and uses you would like to see in Reddish Community Hub?
Swimming 42%
Improved Library 17%
Café/Coffee Morning Club 17%
Community Room, Social Groups & Activities 10%
Information & Council Desk 10%
Art / Exhibitions 8%
Dancing including Zumba 6%
Children/Babies Activities & Events, Playgroup 6%
Keep fit / exercise sessions 6%
Meeting Rooms 6%
Steam Room 4%
Computers 4%
Unemployment Help 4%
Living Area / Flats 4%
Tai Chi 2%
Study Centre 2%
Regenerating Building 2%
Womens Group 2%
Brownies & Cubs 2%
Car Park 2%
3 Do you have a Business or Community Group which could be incorporated in Reddish Community Hub? 15%
4 Would you like to help RBPT make Reddish Community Hub a reality? 54%
Any other Comments 40%
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